ZINCO Zink Sink Mixer

265.00 ر.س

  • 5 years warranty.
  • Automatic Zipper Sink Mixer
  • modern look
  • High quality copper mold
  • Shiny chrome plating
  • Withstands high water pressure of 5 bar
  • ZINCO brand
  • Test report from an international laboratory
  • Certificate of conformity for a product from the Saber platform
  • SL&S Water Saving Card
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Brand: ZINCO
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A luxurious faucet made of high-quality copper, for water filters. It can be used in homes, hospitals and companies to give a beautiful and elegant appearance to different decors and add an elegant touch to your private kitchen. It is distinguished by its elegant silver color with a modern and wonderful design that fits with modern décor. It adds an elegant aesthetic to your kitchen sink that matches any décor. The faucet always retains its silver color, its elegance and shine, and it can be cleaned easily. The faucet is equipped with a convenient opening valve that makes a full turn to control the amount of water flow as you like, and it is easy to open and close. It can be installed and used at home, companies, hospitals, schools and various laboratories to get pure water easily and quickly.

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5 bar







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  • 5 years warranty