Uno home desalination device 7 stages 75 gallons/day

500.00 ر.س

  • Two years warranty
  • Compact and convenient for below the sink installation.
  • Anti-rust base – food grade plastic base.
  • Leak proof with safety double O ring.
  • FDA approved, made of grade material.
  • Durable stainless steel faucet.
  • Replacement Uno cartridges are widely available, compatible with many other cartridges.
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Product Definition:

Provides high-quality Drinking Water as it purifies water
from: Impurities, Dust, Insects, Rust, Chlorine, Gases,
Organic Substance, Taste, Odor, Heavy Metals, Bacteria and
neutralizes the pH level in water adding oxygen for a better
blood circulation in the body. Components made out of FDA Approved Food Material
Double O Ring to prevent water leakage
Wall hanging or below the sink installation option for space-saving.

Cartridge 1:

It guarantees filtration of all impurities.
Longevity up to three months

Cartridge 2:

It is responsible for the absorption of Chlorine Color, Taste and Odor.
Absorption performance lasts up to 6 Months.

Cartridge 3:

It guarantees the absorption of the smallest impurities, organic materials, chlorine, color, taste and gases.
Absorption performance lasts up to 6 Months.
Membrane Cartridge:

It purifies water of harmful TDS (Total Dissolved Salts), Bacteria, viruses and heavy metals.
Power RO membrane longevity: from 12 to 18 Month

Post Carbon (PC) Cartridge:

It guarantees the absorption of 99.9% of chlorine color, taste and odor.
PC longevity: Up to 12 Months

Calcite (CAL) Cartridge:

Neutralizes the acidity Levels in purified water.
Increases the alkaline PH Level in purified water.
Calcite Longevity: Up to 12 Months

FAR Infrared (FIR) Cartridge:

It is responsible for increasing the oxygen level in purified water which enhances the blood flow in the body.
Power Infrared Longevity: Up to 12 Months
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Plastic, Stainless steel



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  • Warranty: 2 years (warranty from agent)