American tank home desalination device 7 stages 75 gallons / day

650.00 ر.س

  • Gaskets to ensure no leakage “a rubber strap prevents water leakage from the 7 filters”.
  • It comes with a base that can be hung on the wall or installed under the sink to save space.
  • Raw materials for eating and drinking.
  • Production capacity of 280 liters per day.
  • Candles are available in all cities of the Kingdom.
  • It works on 220 V electricity.
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The new Tank Power 7RO 7-stage filter with Micro Shield technology provides healthy and pure drinking water with high quality, as it treats water from 99.9% of impurities, dust, insects, rust, chlorine, gases, organic matter, taste, odor, salts, harmful dissolved… Viruses, bacteria, and neutralizes the acidity in the water, in addition to the last stage, which increases the percentage of oxygen in the water, which leads to the improvement of blood circulation in the body.

The 7 types of candles and make each one:

first candle:
It purifies water from (impurities, sand, insects and rust).
second candle:
It purifies water from (chlorine color, taste and smell).
Third candle:
It purifies water from (small impurities, organic matter, chlorine and harmful gases).
Fourth candle:
Membrane purifies water from (harmful dissolved salts, bacteria, viruses and heavy metals).
Fifth candle:
Post Carbon purifies water and absorbs 99.9% of chlorine color, taste and odor from water.
Sixth candle:
Calcite cartridge purifies water by neutralizing pH levels and increasing the alkalinity of purified water.
Seventh candle:
Infrared candle is responsible for increasing the level of oxygen in the water, which in turn enhances the blood flow in the body.

Additional device accessories that come for free:
14 liter tank-  5 meter hose – 1/4 inch faucet made of chrome  – 1/4 inch water inlet valve – Tank cock – CATALOGUE – Filter key.

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Plastic, Stainless steel

Product Dimensions (mm)

Length: 40.3
Width: 20.5
Height: 43.5

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  • Warranty: 2 years (warranty from agent)