Single Appliqué with a Steel Base and Decorative Glass Arm

76.00 ر.س

  • 3-year warranty “excluding abuse”
  • Manufactured from the best quality glass materials
  • It has a soft steel base
  • Works with E27 “wide-tooth” bulb
  • Accepts white and yellow colors in the main lamps
  • Operated by electricity only
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1 × Globular Bulb-5W-E27
17.00 ر.س
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Indoor appliqué with a steel base and a decorative glass arm, the finest models of interior lighting in high-end homes, its elegant design, and the softness of its appearance, gives beauty and luxury in the place, with versatility so that it can be used in more than one place around the house, such as corridors, interior rooms, bedrooms, and even in official offices. The glass in wall lamp products is one of the finest and most luxurious materials that it enjoys, giving it a formal impression and an elegant appearance, in addition to the charming and soft touch in the lighting.

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Width: 12 cm
Height: 20 cm
Depth: 15 cm


Glass, Silver

Base Type


Number of Bulbs





Three years