Scala 1 Water Pump (Smart) – Bottom-Up Water

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  • Three different sizes (half hp / three quarters hp / 1 hp)
  • 3 years warranty
  • Prevents potentially massive water wastage by intelligently detecting hidden leaks Smart
  • indicators on the control panel make it easier to manage the pump
  • Pumping water from main pipes, reservoirs and wells
  • Ideal for villas of up to 3 floors and 12 taps
  • No fluctuations in taps due to constant water pressure
  • Low noise rate
  • Easy to install and flexible to adjust
  • Easy to use
  • Long life span
  • Self preparation
  • Automatic and pressure tank built into the pump
  • You don’t need a float
  • Built-in resonators
  • A Bluetooth connection and playback scheduling is available through its mobile app
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Grundfos Scala1 Smart Water Pump (All-in-One Water Pump) with a highly efficient motor and hydraulic components with low noise operation feature is used for domestic water supply as well as light commercial applications. The built-in Bluetooth connection gives you complete control of the pump using the Grundfos GO REMOTE app as well as to operate the dual pumps. This means that installation and commissioning has never been easier. The Grundfos GO REMOTE app also allows you to view any alert and easily obtain a diagnosis of the pump’s status. You can also create remote reports for pumps located in hard-to-reach locations and send these reports via e-mail. Designed for water transfer and irrigation for domestic and domestic installations, the Scala1 pump is used to pump water from an underground or underground tank. It is also ideal for supplying water from shallow wells (less than 8 meters).

  •  Usage:

(Scala 1) smart water pumps for homes and gardens, ideal for water transfer and irrigation, used for domestic water supply as well as light commercial applications.

  • Integrated water transfer and pumping pump: Scala1 provides you with an all-in-one unit: built-in pump, motor, pressure tank, pressure sensor, flow, control unit, non-return valve, self-priming, dry-running protection, optimum water transfer on demand and intelligent pump control .
  • Built-in Bluetooth Connectivity: The built-in two-way communication system between the pump and the Grundfos GO REMOTE app provides the ability to monitor problems and control the pump through a mobile phone (you can download the Grundfos GO REMOTE app on any Android and iOS device)
  • Easy dual-pump control: Dual-pump technology allows you to connect two pumps and control common pumps as either running/auxiliary or running/backup (you can also adjust the settings to your liking using the Grundfos Go Remote app)
  • INSTALLATION AND OPERATION: Save time by installing the Scala1 pump. Simply connect the pipes and the power supply. To operate the pump in a simple and quick way, define the pump directly from the pump control panel. For advanced settings (you can use the Grundfos GO REMOTE app and follow the online setup instructions)

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SCALA1 3-35 – 1/2 HP, SCALA1 3-45 – 3/4 HP, SCALA1 5-55 – 1 HP




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