AC/DC Voltage Tester Screwdriver – OSCO

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  • Fully insulated blade ensures shock proof working..
  • Distinct glow of Neon lamp identifies line live.
  • Easy Pocket-Friendly.
  • Screwdriver with Tester.
  • OSCO.
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Brand: OSCO
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The electric test screwdriver is a product that has priority in use in many fields due to its importance and versatility, which is suitable for both home and business use.
Voltage tester ideal for testing AC voltage Use by electricians to check power lines Deeply articulated circuits effectively impede sudden vibrations Electrically insulated metal body with clear plastic for easy visibility of the light You can use this AC probe in addition to attaching or Unscrew the screws.

– metal frame
– Electrically insulated with plastic
– Equipped with a lamp that lights up when there is an electric current
– Intended for electrical voltages not exceeding 240 volts
– Suitable for technical use
– Ergonomic design – the hexagonal shape provides better grip

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