Modern LED Chandeliers, Slim And Elegant

290.00 ر.س

  • 3-year warranty “excluding abuse”
  • Classic design rich in sophistication
  • High quality manufactured materials
  • LED bulb type: Compact, energy-saving and eye-friendly
  • The ability to control its height and shape
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This chandelier is characterized by the simplicity and sophistication of its design as the irregular geometric shape, which comes in the form of curved lines and intertwined with each other and suspended from the circular base by three durable and flexible metal ropes so that you can control its shape and height according to your desire, and we note that the height of the chandelier reaches 100 cm The width of the diameter is 65 cm. In addition to the previous specifications, the chandelier is characterized by the white color, as it is considered the brightest color, reassuring the soul and feeling serenity and serenity, so this chandelier is suitable for bedrooms where rest and relaxation after the trouble of the day, and a modern, slim chandelier works by a quiet yellow LED light that is integrated into the body Chandeliers, which are known to be one of the most energy-saving lights and most importantly, are comfortable for the eye.

Additional information

Diameter width

51 cm

Mounting base width




Bulb type







Three years