Elastomeric Acrylic Waterproof Coating 20 Liters – CEMTEC

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  • It has the ability to resist water permeation and leakage.
  • It is characterized by elasticity, which increases its resistance to water flow and pressure.
  • It is not affected by the natural movements of buildings due to its high flexibility
  • Resistance to water vapor absorption and the ability to pass water vapor.
  • Resist climatic conditions and weather changes.
  • The ability to resist compression.
  • bending resistance.
  • Ease of implementation and light weight.
  • It forms a continuous film on the surfaces and has no areas of weakness.
  • It is characterized by stability and strong adhesion to surfaces.
  • The possibility of using it as an insulator to maintain the shape of the surfaces, as well as add the colors to be used.
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It is an insulating paint. Acrylic insulation consists of two polymer-based compounds that are used in the work of insulating surfaces of all kinds, such as tiled surfaces and concrete surfaces. How to use – Clean surface tiles well from sediment and adhering impurities by using effective and strong cleaning materials. Treat any surface holes and inject joints with a special putty. Mix the acrylic insulation components using a drill. Then paint a layer of acrylic over the entire surface using a roller, paintbrush, or spray gun. Leave the first layer to dry completely.

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