Cartriges Tank Economic Pakage(4 Stage Filter) for Water Filter

90.00 ر.س

  • An economical package that lasts for a year
  • It consists of 4 stages of purification
  • Ensures the best water purification from colour, odor, chlorine, taste and organic matter
  • Equipped with three layers of purification
  • Made of raw materials for drinking water and certified by the FDA
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The secret of the quality of the tank filter wax is due to the microshield technology in the filter cartridges that conform to international standards and the economic package. 4 filter cartridges are 2 filter cartridges for the first stage (cotton), a second stage filter cartridge (granular carbon) and a third stage filter cartridge (solid carbon), as an offer. From the company to the customer to buy 4 high-quality filter cartridges at a lower price, enough for 6 months


  • The first stage filter cartridge (2 pieces): It is a cartridge made of high-quality polypropylene with 5 micron pores, which purifies water from dust, rust, impurities, insects and sand.
  • The second stage filter cartridge: It is a cartridge made of high-quality activated carbon granules that purifies water from chlorine, taste, smell and organic materials.
  • Third stage filter cartridge: It is a high quality solid carbon block (coal) cartridge that reduces levels of chlorine, organic gases and undesirable tastes to provide you with a second stage of water purification.

Periodic table for changing filter plugs:

  • First stage filter cartridge (2 pieces): 2-3 months
  • Second stage filter cartridge: 6 months
  • Third stage filter cartridge: 6 months

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Weight 4.35 kg
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