Black Modern Chandelier With Seven Luminous Balls

488.00 ر.س

  • 3-year warranty “excluding abuse”
  • It consists of seven bulbs of varying colors and sizes
  • Of the finest types of metal and transparent glass
  • Modern with a black iron body
120.00 ر.س
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This piece creates a simple, contemporary aesthetic in any space it is placed in, it is meticulously and professionally crafted, from the finest quality metal that has been treated to a black finish. The importance of the light emitted from this chandelier lies in its ability to help you see clearly and enjoy the colors and details of the furniture, and give a sense of warmth and spaciousness.

Additional information

Dimensions 64 × 40 × 170 cm

Golden, Black

The width of the golden balls

12 cm

The width of the black balls

16 cm


Glass, Metal




Three years